Clément Loubeyre

Restaurant Manager, The Cross

Hi! My name is Clement and I am the restaurant manager at The Cross. I grew up in a town just outside of Limoges in rural France. With a passion for a career in hospitality and catering, I studied catering and management for 6 years alongside working in Brasseries, traditional restaurants and gaining my first experiences in Michelin star restaurants. These experiences then lead me onto doing seasonal work in the Alps and in the south – west of France. About 3 years ago, I decided to move to England to explore a new culture, improve my English and broaden my horizons in the hospitality industry. After landing my job at The Cross at Kenilworth, I have excelled in my leadership skills and am pleased to have gained my promotion as the restaurant manager. My passion has always been about food, wine and cocktails, therefore being able to pass this passion down through the team is a great opportunity for me.

I love my job at The Cross and it gives me the opportunity to practise my skills and passion with you our customers.