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Farm to Plate

We are excited to announce the next event in our series of collaboration dinners at The Cross.

On Thursday 4th August, we will be joined by our friend and long-standing supplier Luciole Brosse from Mill Piece Gardens, a local, no-dig farm.

For this unique dinner, Adam has created a seasonal seven-course menu, celebrating the very best of the farm's local produce, alongside top-quality ingredients sourced from the UK's coasts and pastures. Throughout the evening, Luciole will chat with diners about Mill Piece Gardens and the importance of small-scale farming.

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Crudites & Snacks

A Salad of Leaves, Herbs & Flowers

Passandra Cucumber
cured Chalk Stream trout, buttermilk, horseradish, herb oil

Heritage Tomatoes
basils, Cornish crab

Keravel Onion Tartlet
slow-cooked pork cheek, pickled leek buds

Grilled Cornish Lamb
courgettes, French beans, charlotte potatoes, salsa verde

Blackcurrant Pavlova
lemon verbena & Kenilworth honey ice cream

The menu is priced at £120, with an optional wine flight of £90 per person. Regretfully dietary requirements cannot be accommodated on this occasion.

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The provenance of our ingredients is paramount, which is why we work with Mill Piece Gardens, just a few miles away near Bubbenhall. Growers Luciole and Jan are committed to using only ecological methods that minimise their carbon footprint.

All the produce is grown using the no-dig method, which helps preserve helpful microorganisms and reduces the amount of carbon released when turning the soil. In addition, they never use pesticides, meaning we can use all their wonderful produce without worrying about harmful chemicals.

To ensure same-day picking and delivery, Luciole and Jan supply only the most local of businesses with daily deliveries of produce such as tender and crispy lettuces, chicory, spinach, wild rocket, chervil, basil, pea shoots, vegetables including courgette, onion and tomatoes, herbs, edible flowers and soft fruit.

Their passion, commitment and expertise help to produce herbs, vegetables and fruits of exceptional quality, which we love using.